Vingroup and Siemens signed a technological cooperation

The two sides are considering business models to develop the infrastructure of the industry, including the automotive sector.

Vingroup Corporation and leading technology group of Germany-Siemens signed a memorandum of cooperation in many fields of technology and business.

Under the agreement, Vingroup will the application of advanced technology solutions partner for the project in 3 areas: automotive manufacturing; develop the buildings and housing; Vinmec health system.

The two sides will look to continue the cooperation in agriculture and other industries in the future.

With vehicle project, in addition to the goal of building the business of the Corporation, the technology from Germany will present to the Vingroup design consultants, engineering contractors, procurement and construction (EPC).

Siemens currently is one of the international partners of the automotive manufacturing project of VinFast brand Vingroup. The two sides will develop a management system and operate modern factory-oriented industrial revolution 4.0; Seminar introducing advanced technology and training support.

Leader of the Vingroup group and Siemens handed a memorandum of cooperation in the signing ceremony this morning.
Dr. Pham Taylor – ceo of Siemens Vietnam said the MOU is an important step forward by the two corporations; Siemens with Vingroup commitment to support successful implementation of the upcoming project.

According to Ms. Duong Thi Mai Hoa-Director General of Vingroup, the cooperation with Siemens will contribute to optimizing for the operations, product launch of Vingroup, at the same time raising the quality of the products, the services according to the standards of modern technology in the world.

“The cooperation will open up many opportunities in terms of both breadth and depth to the two sides, especially at this time when the Vingroup expanded the business sector towards sustainable development, the application of modern technology , environmental-friendly “, the Vingroup leader said.

The Siemens group has 170 years of experience and works on more than 200 countries and territories; It is also the leading companies about technology and innovation in the world today.

Today 2/9, Vingroup construction vehicle manufacturing complex at Copper Island Article VinFast (Cat Hai, Hai Phong) 335 ha, scale of production cars with internal combustion engines, electric cars and electric motor with 60% localization rate.

To prepare for this new sector, the Group has links with many financial companies, world-leading technologies such as: Credit Suisse AG, Bosch, Siemens, of Pininfarina, Zagato and ItalDesign Design, Turin.

To the 2025 goal, hitting factories designed capacity of 500,000 cars per year and become the leading automotive firm in Southeast Asia.

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