Vietnam e-commerce growth 2.5 times the Japanese folding

Vietnam is rated e-commerce growth is the fastest in the world, with 35% every year, 2.5 times that of Japan.

Venture Capital Investment Fund representatives also shared, start-up businesses in quite the same areas, are experiencing difficulties in “mobilizing social capital”, is mobilizing for the charity. At the same time, policies, administrative procedures of some countries as a “jungle” tricky and complicated. If don’t know the clear right from the start, the MSMEs group will be pushing into the underground economy, the non-Orthodox, the Government will collect taxes, the Interior policy of macroeconomic management will encounter major error.

At the meeting, the experts said that the APEC region are ever more powerful connection with the role of information technology. In it, there are 3 billion people are connected to the internet in the APEC economies. This number is expected to reach 5 billion to 50 billion connected devices by the year 2025. 

At the workshop “enterprise, small and medium sized (MSMEs), innovation and business dynamism in the APEC region” 11/9 day, the delegates put forward the importance of technology and innovation for MSMEs

Accordingly, Dr. Huy Huynh Hoa-Deputy Director of the Research Institute and the economic and social development in Danang, said that the internet applications business and technology 2.1 times faster growth with units not in use. The MSMEs spend more than 30% of the budget for the technology, the increase in revenue to fold 9 times with businesses spent below 10%.

Vietnam has the the growth of e-commerce in the world’s highest category. Photo illustration. 
In addition, according to the peace of the forecasts shows global electronic commerce will increase from 230 billion in 2014 up 1,000 billion in 2020. “Vietnam is one of the countries that have e-commerce growth is the fastest in the world, with speeds of 35% per year, 2.5 times that of Japan. This is great opportunity for start-up businesses,” he said.

Mr. Hoang Van dung-Chairman of the APEC Business Advisory Council, VCCI Vice President, said it would call for further positive engagement of APEC members in expanding financial services, distribution channels to promote the Fintech Enterprise play development. 

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