Vietnam: 1 business “burden” 200 people

That was the speech by Mr Hoang Van Dung, Chairman of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Vietnam at the workshop “enterprise, small and medium sized (MSMEs) innovation and dynamic career in the APEC region” took place on 11/9 in HCMC.

According to Chairman of the ABAC, Vietnam are 200 new people rate 1 business. That the country wants to develop, they must have a lot of business. “The Central resolution 5 has transformed the focus from State enterprises to support private enterprise. This will be the impetus to development of our country, “dung said.

Workshop “enterprise, small and medium sized (MSMEs) innovation and dynamic career in the APEC region” took place on 11/9 in HCMC
DR. Huy Huynh Hoa, Deputy Director of the Research Institute and the economic and social development in Danang, said that Vietnam is one of the countries that have e-commerce growth in the world’s fastest 35%/year, 2.5 times that of Japan. This is large Association for businesses in General.

“The business of MSMEs in the block Vietnam, 40% under the age of 40 who founded; 80% of college graduates, college students; 88% of survey participants who founded no vocational experience or studying, working abroad; 65% of companies with under 10 workers regularly, “he says.

This economic expert said that there are 3 or power preclude MSMEs is access to finance and capital, procedures and regulations of the Government, it’s hard to hire and keep employees.

Representative of the investment fund manager Venture Capital for startups that Vietnam as well as within the APEC region is quite the same as having trouble raising capital. In Vietnam there is no angel investors, a rare venture capital funds. Policy and administrative procedures is a “forest” tricky and complicated.

“If not clear right from the start, the MSMEs group will be pushing into the underground economy, the non-Orthodox. Corollary is lost government tax policies, macro-economic management will encounter major error “, representing Venture Capital warned.

Concur with the above assessment, Mr. Hoang Van Dung, Chairman of ABAC said Vietnam, in Vietnam, small and medium enterprises have contributed greatly to the economy.

However, to the enterprise “reaching into the big sea”, the first recommendations of ABAC is the application of science and technology to the business market reach, connecting the region. This is considered the most important solutions. Then the financial solutions and human resources training to enterprises MSMEs have equal environment, integrate into the world market. At the same time, called for the active participation of the APEC members in expanding financial services, distribution channels, promote business activity provides support for media training on financial knowledge.

In addition, the need to strengthen the role of women in the area, enabling women to assume the important role in society in General and the economy in particular.

“Must do these things then there is new hope that helps the business. That’d do it then we must resolve the legal procedure and the basic solution from the Government, “dung said.

Also at the workshop, participants felt the same: Enterprise, small and medium sized (MSMEs) and is promoting creativity and strong development in the Asia-Pacific region and have important place in shaping a trade background the new business.

In the context of increasing non-traditional investment funds investing in innovative companies, bring great opportunities and challenges at the same time also promote new ideas, change to create greater innovation ecosystem , change the way that MSMEs are making business.

Investing in innovation is the success of start-up businesses in the world. In particular, Vietnam business in the APEC region in general need to refer to this direction.

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