The playing of the stock ‘ iced tea ‘

9 first year, next to large capitalization stock team pulled the market in action, the Group of stock market low price also noted a separate imprint. Not a few stocks with the highest price a few thousand Council at the beginning of the year has reached the level of increase many times. There are individual stocks increased 3-8 times just in the short time of the transaction. 

However, behind the falling ceiling with residual purchase million shares is the risk of waiting. Not least the stock chain on a continuous price increase then was turned off the floor with the status lost liquidity.
The ability to profit many times, the stock price of several thousand Council became the bargain with investors, but the risk is also great.

“A capital, 4 words”-a saying for the business sector is picking out the money, but on the stock market, one which can bring about tens of times fold profit in just a short time, if the right stocks. 

Many stocks in the low-price marketing group has continued to increase, decrease in just a short time.
The first session of the year 2017, the stock company’s HAR commercial investment property An Ocean Filled with 2,640 open Workshop. Suddenly the swamp around the threshold of 3,000-4,000 in the first 6 months, up to the first session of July, shares reached 4,200. new HAR 

Many of the stocks in the Group of “the tangle of vegetables, ice tea” at the beginning of the year also reached a similar rise after only a short time as CCL (up from 2,800 up copper 9,000), ALV (2,700 up 13,000), NDF (2,000 up 20,000 Dong), KAC (4,200 up 36,300 us dollars). 

However, behind the impressive price rise time string of the group this stock also implicit certain risks. 

Stocks open with chain increases HAR bare, then right when the reverse has continued with the session off the floor constantly. After reaching the highest level of copper stocks, 16,400 HAR stepped on stage with these setbacks is the continuous floor session. The investors buy the right “Summit” at the 8/8 have lost more than 20% of the investment value of just 3 trading sessions after that. In early September, just over 10,000 HAR stocks, lost nearly 40% from the peak levels established earlier.

Although 55% increase recorded after 6 months but this is still not all of HAR. Just over a month later with more continual ceiling increases, this rolling stock to 17,500 VND mold, fourfold compared with the level in early July and folded almost 7 times the threshold in the first trades. With that, the liquidity of HAR also spike than before, the individual has the session reached nearly 8 million shares-10 times compared to the previous average.

Similarly, TWO stocks of HAR company shares TWO agri also noted the same dynamics. After the first 6 months just running around in about 3,500-4,000, TWO stocks begin to rise sharply from the beginning of July. By mid-August, the stock touched the level of 24,000, fold six times in the first time.

Similar scenarios played out with many names of other shock increases. TWO stocks also entered the stage of “distributed” with HAR and after only a month, the stock lost 56%. NDF shares of joint-stock companies for food processing agricultural products export of Nam Dinh also “evaporated” almost half the market price in more than a month ago, after peaking near 20,000. 

Story stocks rising unexpectedly low ceiling, and then reduce the floor constantly recognized experts bring many risk factors, by the nature of the platform increases the initial point was not sustainable. 

When starting the string increases, most of the reasons are given only to “formalize” the shares rose sharply, from corporate restructuring process until the profits surge was expected to record future. Besides there are also increased because no support information specifically, this group is handled thanks to the speculation about “the team” or a group of investors whose intentions are potential mergers business.

However, when the steep plunge, most investors no longer remembered the reason given previously that just yourself was not “key word” at the right time.

“Most investors know that the stock game is risk, the reasons given are just going to ourselves that the increase is reasonable. Fact, greed, or rather 7-10% profit figure a new day is something many can defy “, an investor perspective.

According to an expert on the market, the momentum of the Group’s stock price increase could due to a group of investors behind, or in other words the “paddle, driving a routes” of the stock. “When it got enough of a weight that is large enough, the talks with the other major shareholders of the business and make sure the float is still limited, the price will be launch”, this location sharing. 

Due to the price increase by the agent for the purpose, so the process of mobilization of stocks often go against the usual rules. The process of mixing between the increase of the ceiling off the floor and makes trading, as well as the profits and risks are amplified. 

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