The gold price in global water

At the same time, the opening of the company Phu Nhuan gold and silver-reduced PNJ several hundred thousand VND, down 36.78-36.98 million. 

Though constantly adjust the speed of the reduction but the price of gold in the country is still not as fast and strong as the momentum of the world should the difference between the two markets is somewhat dilated. Each gold buying on SJC 160,000 Dong higher than world, also sold more than 260,000 high Council (last week, at the purchase price of the business were lower than the world price). 

At the same time, domestic gold businesses also rapidly lowering the sale price. Accordingly, at 8 h 30, gold holdings fell 180,000 VND DOJI both buying and selling, bringing afternoon listing down 36.9-37 million. Half an hour later, this business down more 40,000, each also around 36.86-36.96 million. 

Each gold piece SJC reduced both the hundred thousand Dong as soon as the doors open and to lose tens of thousands of bronze, the after half of the transaction. 

World markets were signaling to go down early morning Asian trading hours. At 9 pm, now Hanoi, each ounce of gold about $1,336 reduction survey nearly 10 USD (approximately 280,000) versus open. Free money exchange, international gold equivalent amounts of 36.7 million.

On the foreign exchange market, price us $ in the Bank is quite stable. Accordingly, each dollar was quoted around 22.690-Vietcombank Dong 22.760, unchanged compared with last weekend. Other banks have similar prices.

DOJI representatives that the current transaction is not running under a PM as at times hot sauce before. The market appeared to both buy and sell interlace and most transactions are still small.

PNJ company also identified, though gold prices in the country have increased sharply, but buy and sell power in the country is quite stable and there is no virtual fever phenomenon as the previous year. “This is a good signal to find the solutions to manage the gold market in the country of the Government promote efficiency and prevent accident speculation when the gold price continuously fluctuating,” this business say.

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