Second consecutive year ADB BANK is honored as “top partner bank in Vietnam”

05/09/2017 day in Singapore, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced the Prize Bank of commercial sponsorship program (TFP). In particular, the BANK is the second consecutive year been ADB awarded “top partner bank in Vietnam”.

Commercial sponsorship program of the ADB made the guarantee and loans of more than 200 partner banks to support international trade activities. From the year 2009 to the present, the programs of the ADB has supported more than TFP 10,900 small and medium business in the Asia Pacific region with about 16,000 transactions with a value of over 28.5 billion u.s. dollars. Especially recently, in world economic conditions difficult, international banks tend to narrow the funding activities, ADB has helped limit the partner banks limit the negative influence to the provision of financial services trade assistance for businesses in the country, create conditions favourable to the indigenous banks can perform many more commercial financing transactions for its customers.

Awards on honor of the positive partner banks for each country’s program, ADB assess and TFP voted based on the number of transactions made from 01/07/2016 to 30/06/2017. The BANK is ADB’s second consecutive year honour is the affirmation for BIDV’s efforts in maintaining and strengthening operational capacity, expand trade and financing activities in the transparency of information.

, 08/2009, BIDV is one of the first partners of Vietnam was chosen to limit supply and ADB signed the funding limit trade in the framework of the program the TFP.

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