North Korea exported 270 million dollars this year without permission

The UN expert group that the water has a loose enforcement sanctions and North Korea also used many ways to spleen.

Korea is doing business with the country, The sanctions are making Korea ‘ rich ‘

A report just published by the United Nations shows North Korea has exported coal, iron and many other goods worth at least 270 million dollars into China and countries like India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka in 6 months , as of end July. The UN expert reviews of this activity violated the sanctions on trade and finance.

They also said it is investigating about the Korean presence in Africa and the Middle East, especially in Syria, regarding the “prohibited activities”. This report was published before the US Urges UN to vote on the new sanctions. America wants to impose harsh sanctions for up North Korea, such as banning the export of oil-gas into the country and freeze the entire foreign financial assets of the Government as well as the Korean leader-Kim Jong Un.

The Group of experts that the current sanctions “far inferior to the level needed to achieve non-proliferation objectives” on the Korean peninsula. They said that the “loose” enforcement of the sanctions and North Korea “spleen law” made this difficult goal.

Exports are the main source of foreign currency of Korea. Experts believe that after China stopped importing coal from neighbouring Muslim February, North Korea has diverted for export to other countries.

Stage, 12/2016-5/2017, Korea has exported more than 79 million iron ore to China. May 10/2016-5/2017 month, they sold iron and steel products to Egypt, China, France, India, Ireland and Mexico with a value more than $305,000.

On finance, the experts said that North Korea was evading the law in many ways. Many financial institutions in this country represented abroad, make the transactions to support the banned programs. Many foreign organizations have deliberately or inadvertently provide banking services for the Korean company. Foreign direct investment poured into banks or joint ventures of Korea also helped the Bank country access sources of capital and international financial system.

Besides, the “individual and Korean officials also participated in this activity, such as open multiple accounts in the same country and neighboring countries, his name, the name of a loved one or a company”. Also with maritime transport, experts said that the number of Korean foreign-flagged ships has decreased significantly, due to the sanctions. However, the number of vessels flagged to Korea also increased correspondingly.

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