More than 85,600 derivative contracts traded

The total value of the transaction according to the scale of the contract after a month of market operations achieved 6,450 billion.

The stock market derivatives operations/1.5 billion foreign capital on Vietnam stock market

After a month of opening and activity (10/8), derivative securities market has attracted the interest of many investors. This is reflected through the growth of both the volume of the contract, the value of the transaction and the number of the account to be opened within a month.

As of 8/9/2017, there were 7,849 derivative trading accounts opened in the Member securities derivatives market, more than three times compared to the time the market began operating.

Most of the investors are both expected the market will rise in the future.
From 10/8 to the present, the HNX had taken on the 5 trading futures contracts on coded index VN30.

In addition to contract matures on VN30F1708 code 17/8, we also market 4 future contract codes are listed as VN30F1709, VN30F1710, VN30F1712, and VN30F1803. Investors tend to focus on the transaction, the contract maturity.

The total volume of contracts traded in a month is 85,641, the corresponding contract transaction value (according to nominal scale contract) reached 6,450 billion.

Calculate the average, trading volume reached 4,078 contracts per session, with the average transaction values under nominal scale reached 307 billion. At the time of closing the session on 8/9, the volume of the contract are in circulation is 2,709 contracts.

Also according to statistics of the HOSE, in a month’s time through had command of 92,812 investors are put into the system, on average there are 4,420 command per session, in which a total of 49,513 transaction was performed

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