‘ Hunting ground to spend ‘ billions rich’s interest in Saigon

17 years ago, he filled in the genus 3.5 billion purchase of 6,000 sqm of agricultural land in the East of HO CHI MINH CITY, now the body rest sold 16 billion.

Wholesale motel room near silver national interest/industrial Group Saigon hitters hundred billion Foundation hunt land regions

7 years later (in 2007), the land was Filling his fall 7.5 billion price, but still he attached many years nurtured gardens piece should retain. In the years 2015-2016, many nậu head hunting ground massively dumped about District 9. His land Fill was many people asking to buy, the price kept up 10 and 13 billion but he refused to cede.

It wasn’t until quarter of 2017, an investor fell 16 billion, this new land owners agree to conduct transactions. After 17 years of hugging the ground to set aside the money, minus the land purchase 3.5 billion plus the cost of fencing, leveling entire districts, buildings and pay the holder of the land (approximately 2 billion), he Filled forgive NET on the dozen billion. “If I used this money to buy gold or savings, also earn tidy margin but that’s hard to get the area gradually 16 billion as at present,” this investor calculations.

Also the players proficient hunters, he reserved By Saigon South area selection. His family back Home and in need of Friends Now, “Dong Dong’s wife” continually picked up real estate in the two areas. Since 2003, his family gathered By 2,000 m2 in total agricultural land in Nha be district (near home town friends and Binh Khanh ferry) 5,200 m2 of land along the sea front in the island In 2000, when leaving the money in the garden area buying rate District 9, he Filled were slurs is the burning of money for land purchase only to dig the pond stocked fish, chickens, planting chips three fruit for cheap sales of foam. Also built 150m2 House country each month about playing no more than a few days.

“At that time, the traffic toward the District 9 is also difficult, muddy, it takes more money to hire people to keep the garden so the brothers they yelled at me to play and wild pepper. But I decided to buy this land of reserved, viewed as a long-term investment, “said Tin recalled. Need Now.

That time, investors have spent 7.5 billion Land Fund to amass 7,000 m2 (which just had Turkish land, villas, a four-level, agricultural land, aquaculture) and decided not to sell out despite at lack of money. Couple him with ignore every time there is a divide customers insist the land. In the land rush took place, 4/2017, he By selling less 2,700 m2 garden Villa in commune, Thanh district, Need the island Need Now, earning nearly 14 billion.

“I am still not in a hurry to discharge out, just push the front of the Villa to probe the market but has pegs lyrics 7 billion. The remaining family land fund to consider making accommodation or mini hotels in the next few years when Infrastructure Needs and improve the Friends Now, “he said.

Do the trigger and run the land of local professional legal Tan Phu and Tan (the area near Binh hung Hoa cemetery) since 2005, Said She soon realized the opportunity for money male discomfort if buying land to spend. This investor has been actively collecting, ky copy is lot 4 (horizontal 5-7 m in length of 20-25 m) on the Front Cover and Scoleciphobia. Total investment of you up to 8 billion over a decade.

“In May 5/2017 the plot of land is the lowest buy customers ask 3.5 billion a little background and highest 5.5 billion a great background. The total value of assets from 8 billion has now reached 17 billion, but I still haven’t sold because expectations rise, “she said.

Many years of market research, Faculty of science and Commerce-Tourism-Marketing of the University of Economics, HO CHI MINH CITY, Huynh Phuoc Nghia reviews: “Hyena hunting ground to be viewed as real estate speculation form popular with the vast majority of people Free “.

Type “hug the ground wait time” helped people from rich class chips three billion setback into us dollar millionaires or billionaires. With the individual investor, this is the game of the emerging middle-class or wealthy, overpaid money should flow into idle land rate, interest rate expectations dozen male is considered normal.

Private investors (business) organizations, hunting ground to set aside fierce is the battle for survival. Once the land gathering business wins big, the interest rate can go up to silver hundred billion trillion even customized the average land fund or scale.

According to him, the weakness of investment styles hugging the ground to spend is anyone expected to profit. Once the higher the expectations of time buried the money on the land as long, society’s cash flow is passive in the land, not engage in production and business. Buried money in the soil also requires investors to capital, do not use financial levers, risk-taking if policy changes (namely change planning) and depends on the growth cycle full of uncertainty (extremely hard to guess) of the real estate market property.

“No one knows for sure at any hot real estate market and when the crisis because every prediction are relative. This indeterminacy factors forcing investors hugged the ground to

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