Habeco going instead of members of Management Board

Following the decision to stop the right to Executive General Director, Habeco back personnel fluctuations coming out of the Board. 
Earlier, the Board also Habeco surprise stop by Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh, ceo from 21/8 to focus world missions at the State capital and the debt recovery Habeco, to handle the related matters between joint-stock companies Hanoi beer-Nghe An and the Corporation of free economic cooperation with Laos. His Spirit in this time is he Wu Guilin-Vice President. Duration of authorisation does not identify specific timelines.

General Director of Carlsberg Vietnam will replace his predecessor, joining the Board of Habeco. 

Stop the right to Executive Director General of Australia’s largest brewers Habeco/want to buy shares Sabeco, Habeco

Carlsberg a/s, Breweris foreign partners of the Corporation of beer, wine, soft drinks (Habeco) just had the text to change the airline’s representative in Habeco. Accordingly, the proposed Carlsberg says Stefano Clini-ceo of Carlsberg Vietnam join Habeco Board Member, replacing Mr. Soren Ravn rested because of personal reasons.

Habeco currently had written to send Industry and the shareholders opinion held the extraordinary shareholders ‘ meeting in mid-September, to dismissed Mr Soren and elected to replace new candidates to the position of members of the Board. 

Carlsberg currently are holding foreign shareholders is 17.51% share in Habeco. Not a few times foreign shareholders the competitor wants to buy back the entire 81.79% share that Industry holding in Habeco, the two sides still have not found a common voice.

In the happenings related to the disengagement the State capital in two large beer industry he is the Sabeco, Habeco, Deputy Minister of industry and trade Of Hung High shared with government capital will sell, VnExpress each section at 2 this business but the roadmap specific macular degeneration has not yet been revealed.

“Beer is the business condition, so the depression which in this field, as well as in Habeco, Sabeco is not selling the song rush which aim to ensure the highest interests of the State. The market is very clear, if the low price then put on sale fast but in contrast effects are not as expected, “said Hung said.

Industry leaders also said that the sale price on how much is also matter, but more important than any business objects on the market can afford to give up a good price, but if some financial investment fund bought the lucrative degree will not cao , sustainable. “We will give the required specific commitments with the investor when buying this business in the two capitals,” Vice Minister Hung share.

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