Financial leasing market to Vietnam more than 300 million scale

According to experts, Vietnam leasing sector is still quite modest compared with the turnover of 1,000 billion dollars worldwide.

To be launched in the event “financial Rental-medium and long-term capital mobilization Channel. The experience of Japan and the prospects for development in Vietnam “by the BANK with the Bank trusts the Japanese Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (SuMi TRUST) recently held in Hanoi.

According to the law on credit institutions in 2010, financial leasing is providing medium and long term credit to customers through rental properties.

In addition to the credit line, mostly rental property information communication equipment, automotive, industrial machinery, Office, construction …

Mr. Phan Duc Tu-General Director of BIDV said, over time, the banking system and financial services in Vietnam is relatively developed. However, leasing is still a small market with outstanding 383 million, equivalent to 8,700 billion (0.16% of the total outstanding credit institutions) compared with total sales of global finance lease amounted to 1,000 billion dollars per year.

He Paid Writers and other experts said that, while many geographical to financial leasing market Vietnam development.
In the U.S., 80% of businesses from small to large scale in Fortune 500 list use this form of financing lease in production and business activities. Japan’s own, leasing sales every year to about 50 billion dollars.

Financial professionals Need Van also recognizes, the leasing market in Vietnam is relatively small, the scale of hundreds of millions of DOLLARS, with 11 leasing companies; While China has up to 3,200 companies.

“Vietnam has a well developed field, but 3 years stagnated, owing to the financial market in the process of restructuring, not yet properly concern from regulators as well as a limited number of product design at the company for financial lease, “said Force reviews.

The experts predicted Vietnam’s economy will continue its steady growth momentum with GDP growth of over 6.5% in 2017-2020; create great demand on machinery, equipment and vehicles for road investment. This is the basis for the Vietnam leasing in action.

According to him, in the context of limiting the use of short-term loans in the banking system of the same peculiar lack of collateral for the provision of credit to small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, leasing will be the solutions that help enterprises fast access for medium-and long-term capital.

Mr. Shumizu-the Director of business development leasing company SuMi TRUST Panasonic finance (SuMi Corporation Member TRUST) said that, in Japan, the financial leasing company was first established in 1963, to date the country has approximately 243 companies.

Why 91% of Japanese business near Favorites use leasing products is not necessary when the original capital investment in equipments, saving resources for the administrative management, easily capture costs, can determine the appropriate rental time.

“In Japan, financial leasing and development holds a key role in economic growth. I also put a lot of expectations on the development of the leasing market in Vietnam when the economy is growing steadily, “he said.

The premiere financial leasing company LTD-SuMi TRUST (BSL).
Under the perspective of small and medium enterprises-the object always “thirsty” medium and long term capital, Mr. Nguyen Van body, President of the Association of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, the deployment of financial lease model would create more capital mobilization channel for business in the water.

Active business the choice of machinery, equipment, suppliers, sample code types match the scale. In the case of enterprises lack working capital can still sell the assets for leasing company and then rent it back, just make sure you have the capital that still use the asset with the lowest cost.

“The business could not bank loans may receive funding through financial lease. This is also the method to shorten the time to deployment, satisfying the business opportunities. Especially with businesses in the starting phase, the hiring of easy financing than Bank borrowers, “Mr. Hull said.

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