China is about to ban the gasoline, automotive diesel oil

In particular, The Chinese industry is building a schedule to cease the production and sale of vehicles using traditional fuel sources and will promote the development of electric car technology, the Chinese media reported.

According to the Independent, the articles are not given the date expected to implement this plan, but Beijing is to encourage car makers to promote the development of electric cars.

China is the largest automobile market in the world in the number of cars sold. Therefore, any change in the policy of the country will also affect to a global industry.

Speaking at a forum on automotive industry 9/9, Deputy Minister of industry of China, said that the industry Ministry Guobin of China began construction schedule research ceased production and sales of vehicles that use the traditional quantities, Xinhua and people’s Daily newspaper said.

Before that, this past July, the French and the British have also announced they will stop selling cars use gasoline and diesel oil by the year 2040 as part of efforts to reduce pollution and reduce carbon emissions are doing to the Earth to heat up.

The Chinese leaders also want to limit the extent of people’s increasing demand for imported petrol and electric cars are regarded as a promising industry that the country may soon lead.

Last year, China has surpassed the U.S. to become the biggest car market in the world. Sales of electric cars and hybrid cars (vehicles that use both gasoline and electricity) has increased by 50% in the year 2015 up 336,000 cars, accounts for 40 percent of worldwide demand. Meanwhile, sales of this car line in the United States only 159,620 airport.

The Independent newspaper said his comments, Please put forward at the Forum held in Tianjin City, China did not give other details about the electric car policy but he said that Beijing plans to “upgrade the vehicles use new energy up a range of new strategies “.

The city of Beijing has supported billions of DOLLARS for the development of electric cars including research grants and incentives for people to buy, and now they are shifting financial burdens for automobile manufacturers.

According to the quota proposal, the sort of electric cars and hybrid electric cars will account for 8% of sales each year in the coming year, 10% in 2019 and 12% in 2020. If the vehicle manufacturer does not achieve this goal, they can buy the credits from these competitors have surplus.

Besides, Beijing has also ordered the electric motor company of China to speed up the installation of electric charging stations to increase the appeal for electric cars.

Currently Chinese Auto Maker BYD Auto, a unit of the battery company BYD electric car manufacturer is the largest in the world with the number of cars sold. This company sell electric hybrid SUV and sedan cars in China and market electric buses, taxis in the United States, Europe and Latin America as well as in China.

Not be inferior, Volvo Cars, owned by the car maker Geely Holding Corporation of China, also announced plans this year will produce electric cars in China for sale worldwide since the year 2019.

General Motors co., Volkswagen AG and Nissan Motor Co. and others also have reported finding joint venture partners to develop and manufacture electric cars in China, the Independent said.

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