Billionaire Li Joined The increasing bet on electric vehicles

Billionaire Li Ka-shing, chairman of CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. and Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd., speaks during a news conference in Hong Kong, China, on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Li appeared to hold back tears while speaking about Hong Kong's economy, underscoring the tycoon's continued pessimism about conditions in a market that he’s described as being in its worst state in two decades. Photographer: Justin Chin/Bloomberg

The richest man in Hong Kong are increasing investment in this array-is forecast to benefit thanks to the possibility of China banned the petrol car oil.

China’s upcoming sale of cars running gasoline/electric-car maker Tesla still holes though the double revenue

Electric car race being warm then the information late last week, that China will set a deadline for the airline to end the sale of fossil fuels to run cars. In 2010, the Government each claim new fuel-powered car will be priority support.


Li Established and two other investors will buy shares in O Luxe Holdings. Here is the distribution of watches and jewelry. However, they are also negotiating the purchase of GLM-Japanese company specializing in the production of electric vehicles. GLM has plans to license the technology for multiple partners, including Chinese partners.

Electric car sales are soaring in major car market in the world, thanks to the generous support from the Government. This also makes foreign companies increased production of electric vehicles.

Thanks to the investments he has Luxe, O join the race to market electric cars. This is the segment of many Chinese companies are targeted, such as NIO or Beijing CH-Auto Technology. The world, Tesla also currently dominate this segment with the S Model line.

News of the affair on helped the stock rise 6.1% Luxe today O-highest from September 6/2013. This is not the first wave of Tycoon Hong Kong invest in electric cars. In 2015, he bought shares in car maker electric-PHIL Electric Vehicles

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