A truck running efficiently by Uber 3 traditional taxi

Performance is the key factor was the expert mentioned to explain the success of those applications call technology.

Carpool service of Grab, Uber will be banned in Hanoi, the Prime Minister replied to questions about Grab, Uber

Opening the seminar “policy of urban traffic planning in the digital era” by the Institute for economic research and policy (VIETNAM) celebrated 8/9 with the story of competition between traditional and taxi call application technology , the experts shared the view that the success of the technology is proved for maximizing resources and efficiency of operation.

Mr. do Hoai Nam, co-founder of UP-Co Working Space for that, the prohibition with the reason taxi technology develops so quickly, become the cause of “broken” traffic planning is not reasonable, as these are in turn operate more efficiently than the traditional taxi.

“According to the study, the rate of 75% achieved Uber fills in when traditional taxi is only 23%. In other words, 3 traditional taxi run of an efficient new airport run Uber. This will be beneficial for traffic when running 1,000 equivalent 3,000 Uber traditional taxi, help resources are better shared, “said Male references.

The rate of 75% achieved Uber fills in when traditional taxi is only 23%.
Reviews under the economic angle, Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh-Director of the economic research and policy (VIETNAM) said that the nature of the applications call the technology is bringing transaction costs decrease very rapidly.

“The origin of the growth came from optimizing costs rather than dumping or receiving subsidies. Thanks to better transaction should work more efficient transportation, the same media but carried more people-it is also a substance that many businesses are driven to come, how to take advantage of resources efficiency “, VIETNAM Director said.

Citing this, according to him, some large enterprises have changed completely, with policy requires the leadership moved by the application of latest technology car ride instead of the company. “Our resources are not much, the need to seek reasonable allocation and use of savings”.

Also from the perspective of Dr. Pham Uk, national economics University, consumers will be the first audience benefit with active model as Uber and Grab. The first is the competitive environment is created between a whole new weight with respect to the traditional taxi, from which help costs did not increase as fast as the traditional taxi case is still exclusive.

“A classic example is the taxi business has not previously had the appearance of Uber, Grab will have the phenomenon very easy to raise prices but difficult to reduce. When gas prices rise as election petition then reviews the taxi will increase, and vice versa when the price of gasoline rising again very hard to discount. The phenomenon that almost no longer when there is the appearance of the application the latest vehicle technology, the evidence is that when gas prices rise, taxi hesitation over the price increases, “said Uk comment.

The same opinion, DR. Deng Ling, Research Institute for economic management (CIEM) Central also said that the price depends on supply and demand, when the needs of the growing social but restricted taxi numbers according to the master plan will cause the price is in the hands of the the unit provides services.

Before the move to ban the use of the applications call the vehicle technology, the General expert identified that this is inconsistent with the principles of economy, benefits, competition and will create the precedents are not good in the process of integration and the emergence of the technology.

According to DR. Into current arguments, mainly come from the 3 main reasons is the application that calls the increasing car traffic jams, the second is for that Uber and Grab tax problems and the third is no matter of equality on the business (the airport run with no signage, Crista taxi).

However, the VIETNAM Director for that nature between applications this call and taxi transport form is two totally different types should not be taking the elements of business between traditional taxis imposed for applications such as Uber or Grab.

“The nature of these applications is the electronic contracts, this can be considered a form of contract vehicles when people use the service and the driver of the contract immediately by applying technology. While taxis are a form of transport is regulated separately “, TS Into Outlook.

With tax problems, experts said that the management of software by Uber or Grab the full monitoring and more closely. “The implementation of the tax collection problem is feasible and only technical, so given the limited argument on this application because the taxes to consider carefully”, TS Into Outlook.

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